Frequently Asked Questions

Each employer in this state must designate two or more days in each month, not more than sixteen days apart, as fixed paydays for payment of wages to their employees.

The employer can pay its employees once per month only if its principal place of business is located outside Arizona and if its payroll system is centralized outside the State of Arizona and the employees in question are professional, administrative, executive employees or outside salespersons as defined under the Fair Labor Standards Act or the employees are employed in a supervisory capacity as defined under the National Labor Relations Act.

If both federal law and state law are applicable, the stricter law governs.

If the employer does not respond in writing within ten days of the first notice, a second and final notice will be sent to the employer. If the employer again fails to respond, the Department will make a determination based on the evidence in the file.

The 2022 minimum wage is $12.80 an hour.