The Commissioners
The Commissioners

A five-member Commission is responsible for determining the policy of the Industrial Commission of Arizona. Each Commissioner is appointed by the Governor to a five-year staggered term.

In addition to establishing the policy of the Commission, the Commissioners also perform a variety of other functions that include:

  • Approving the issuance of occupational safety and health citations with penalties in excess of $2,500;
  • Approving the issuance of cease and desist orders and penalties for youth employment law violations;
  • Promulgating agency rules;
  • Authorizing the self-insurance authority for individual employers and workers' compensation pools;
  • Establishing a Physicians' and Pharmaceutical Fee Schedule on an annual basis;
  • Approving penalties for employers who fail to provide workers' compensation insurance for their employees;
  • Acting on requests from injured workers to commute their monthly workers' compensation awards to lump sum amounts;
  • Acting on occupational safety and health discrimination complaints;
  • Establishing the annual tax assessment rates on workers' compensation premiums to fund the agency and Special Fund;

Meet the Commissioners

Commission meetings, except for Executive Sessions, are open to the public and subject to the open meeting laws. The time and location of each meeting are published in the agenda for that meeting. Agendas are published at least 24 hours in advance of each meeting and are available for download on this web site. Minutes are kept of each meeting and are also available for download on this web site or by contacting the Commission Secretary at (602) 542-4411.