The ICA Meets in Lake Havasu City

April 3, 2018

Date: 04/03/18

The ICA Visits Business in Lake Havasu City


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The ICA Visits Businesses in Lake Havasu City

Phoenix, AZ, 4-03-2018

Last week the Industrial Commission of Arizona (ICA) held their commission meeting in Lake Havasu City. The ICA has been holding quarterly Commission meetings outside of Phoenix in different communities across the state. Holding quarterly Commission meetings across the state allows the Industrial Commission to answer questions employers or employees may have regarding workers' compensation, workplace safety, or labor laws in Arizona. Additionally, these meetings allow us to meet stakeholders in person, receive their feedback and input, and address any questions or concerns they may have.

The ICA was joined by Legislative District 5 Representative Paul Mosley for a tour of the Lake Havasu Regional Medical Center. The staff and leadership at the facility have done an amazing job putting together their workplace safety program and adjusting to the increased workload from their vibrant and growing community.

The ICA was joined by Representative Paul Mosley and Vice Mayor Jeni Coke during our tour of the Havasu Regional Medical Center
The ICA was joined by Representative Paul Mosley and Vice Mayor Jeni Coke during our tour of the Havasu Regional Medical Center

Following the Medical Center tour the ICA met with members of the Lake Havasu Area Chamber of Commerce, Representative Mosley, Councilmember Cal Sheehy and Councilmember David Lane. The discussion was primarily focused on the Arizona Division of Occupational Safety and Health (ADOSH) and the consultation services we offer. While ADOSH offers free consultation services to businesses we also have programs and partnerships for public entities across Arizona. These programs allow public entities the opportunity to improve their safety programs.

Vice Chairman Joseph Hennelly, ICA Director James Ashley and Chairman Dale Schultz overlooking the Colorado River

 One of the companies that has taken full advantage of our consultation programs, specifically our Voluntary Protection Program, is the Central Arizona Project (CAP). The Industrial Commission toured the Mark Wilmer Pumping Plant and was shown CAP's very impressive safety program. The Central Arizona Project has an impeccable safety program which goes far above and beyond normal industry standards.

Director James Ashley, Vice Chairman Joseph Hennelly, Chairman Dale Schultz, and Interim ADOSH Director Jessie Atencio with CAP Safety Manager Darin Perkins

The Industrial Commission of Arizona wants to thank all of the stakeholders who joined us during our trip to Lake Havasu City. The ICA appreciates everyone who we met during our second visit to Mohave County which followed our outreach trip to Kingman last year.

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