Fee Schedule Corrections & Changes Log - 2011

Arizona Physicians' & Pharmaceutical Fee Schedule - Corrections & Changes Log
2011 Fee Schedule


1/24/2012 It has come to the Commission's attention that the 2011 Physicians' Fee Schedule contains errors in the follow-up days for codes listed in the Surgery section of the Fee Schedule. These errors have been corrected in the 2011 Fee Schedule.

Get Corrected Fee Schedule: To obtain all or part of the 2011 Fee Schedule updated to include these corrections, click the back button in your browser, then take the link entitled "2011 Physicians' Fee Schedule."

Get List of Corrected Codes: To obtain a correction sheet (PDF) that identifies just the affected codes, click here.

Get Fee Schedule Pages Containing Corrected Codes: If you maintain a paper copy of the 2011 Fee Schedule, you may obtain the actual FS pages (PDF) that contain the corrected codes as follows:

2011 FS - Surgery Section - Page 35
2011 FS - Surgery Section - Page 90
2011 FS - Surgery Section - Pages 147-159