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The Arizona Department of Safety and Health (ADOSH)
Maintains Commitment to the Voluntary Protection Program (VPP)

March 12, 2010
Much has been said recently regarding the Voluntary Protection Program (VPP) and whether the federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration intends to continue supporting and utilizing resources for the program. As a result, ADOSH has received many questions regarding our continued support of the program.

ADOSH has seen outstanding results from the VPP in Arizona. Employers who strive for and achieve VPP status have injury and illness rates far below the averages for their industries, have significantly increased employee morale and productivity, and see far fewer workplace injuries and illnesses. The benefits of the VPP far outweigh the resources it takes to manage the program.

In light of our extremely positive experience with the VPP, we fully support the program and do not intend to reduce our efforts to challenge additional employers to step up to the plate, recognize the value of employee safety and health, and become members of this elite group.

Arizona employers interested in learning more about the VPP may contact the ADOSH consultation offices at 602-542-1769 in Phoenix or 520-628-5478 in Tucson.