ADOSH - Safety and Health Compliance

Arizona Division of Occupational Safety and Health (ADOSH)

 Brian Hudson, Director

Phoenix Office
800 W Washington St, Phoenix AZ 85007
(PO Box 19070, Phoenix AZ 85005-9070)
Phone: (602) 542-5795
Toll Free: (855) 268-5251
FAX: (602) 542-1614

Tucson Office
2675 East Broadway, Tucson AZ 85716

Phone: (520) 628-5478
Toll Free: (855) 268-5251
FAX: (520) 322-8008

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Safety and Health Compliance

ADOSH’s compliance activities consist of conducting unannounced inspections of workplaces throughout Arizona to determine whether employers are complying with the Occupational Safety and Health Act and standards. Inspections may be the result of a work-related accident, a complaint, a referral, a planned inspection or a follow-up to ensure that previously cited serious, repeat or willful violations have been corrected.

Inspections involving work-related accidents are generally serious in nature involving multiple injuries or a fatality. A complaint inspection generally is the result of a serious safety/health allegation or a non-response to a written inquiry sent to an employer by ADOSH. A referral generally comes from another government source.

Planned or scheduled inspections are generally those directed to hazardous industries or those employers who have what appears to be a large number of workers' compensation claims. ADOSH is the only state or federal OSHA program in the country that has an independent body, the Industrial Commission, that reviews the appropriateness of ADOSH’s penalty proposals.